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Favorite Team(s) Dodgers
Favorite Player(s)   Jackie Robinson, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron
I probably became a BaseballGeek when my Dad bought me my first pack of Topps baseball cards in 1975.

Below, is a picture of myself (right) and my brother Jason on the Dodger Stadium field.

I pulled a Dodger from that first pack... Tom Paciorek. And, thereafter, has been a 30 year love affair with the Dodgers (with a few gaps when I had a lot better things to do... like make my hair look nice for girls n' such).

I am Commish for a fantasy baseball league, and I have been playing ESPN's BaseballManager ( ) since it was Prodigy's Baseball Manager.

I have been collecting baseball cards since that first pack in 1975. I went through a 10-year or so gap before I "rediscovered" the cards in 1991. I have been a casual collector since then, trying to catch up on all of the key 80s cards that I missed (I own 2 PSA Gem Mint '86 Topps Barry Bonds XRC's, for instance).

I'm married, with two doggies... I'm an attorney and web site creator, including this site,, CyberAttorney ( ),, and a few others...

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