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To:  All
Subject:  NL East Predictions
Date:  4/01/07, 1:41pm

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To:  Anonymous
Subject:  Re: NL East Predictions
Date:  4/7/07, 9:54am
I totally disagree with this prediction. Nobody in the N.L. can match the Mets all-around game. From top to bottom, I can't find any weaknesses there. If all goes as expected, we'll likely see another Subway World Series in October. The Phils could compete for the Wild Card, especially if their young prospects continue to live up to their capabilities, but you can't count out the Braves. They could also contend for the W.C. as long as Smoltz and the two Joneses don't show any wear and tear down the stretch and their hot young prospects (Francoeur & James) live up to their potential.

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