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Subject:  Yankees could attempt to pick up Todd Helton and send Jason Giambi to the Angels
Date:  5/28/07, 01:23am
After being swept by the not so LA Angels of Anaheim, Steinbrenner could make this one happen within a week. But, at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised to see G.M. Brian Cashman dismissed along with Joe Torre. In any event, the Yankees will turn it around as they always do. They're notorious for slow starts. Their pitching is finally coming together and you can't beat that powerful offense. Doug Mientkiewicz's bat is also coming around. FYI, Mientkiewicz was born on the exact same day as yours truly, the same birthdate as another Yankee first baseman named Lou Gehrig, born in 1903.

Here's a little food for thought---- Have you noticed how Jason Giambi's eyes look so glazed again???? Somebody should test him for the 'roids ASAP.... This could be why he's pulling a Rafael Palmeiro and appointed himself last week as a spokesperson on the anti-steroids crusade.... If he doesn't keep his mouth shut, as Steinbrenner told him to, then expect him to be out of the pinstripes soon.

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