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To:  All
Subject:  Giants could trade Bonds?
Date:  6/19/07, 11:33am
As much as a love Barry they should trade him(after he hits his 756 Hr in sanfransisco) and get some needed youth

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To:  reyes4mvp
Subject:  Re: Giants could trade Bonds?
Date:  6/19/07, 1:51pm
They would do well to trade a lot of their elderly. Rich Aurilla, Omar Vizuel, Ray Durham, Randy Winn, etc these are all trade candidates in my eyes.

Bonds will not be traded however. Really the only two teams that would touch him, the Athletics and the Angels, are in no position to even try it. The A's already have a glut at DH/OF and the Angels don't want any more of a connection to steroids than they already have.

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