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Subject:  Yankees may hire Willie Randolph in some capacity
Date:  6/18/08, 8:47pm
Big Georgie's son Hal seems to be the most compassionate Steinbrenner of all, judging by the way he has been coming to Willie Randolph's defense. I also thought the Mets dumped Randolph in a sleazy way after giving him a vote of confidence a week or so earlier. After a few good years in which Willie gave to the team, they should've let him at least finish the season with the team to see if he could turn things around. Overall, he's proven himself to be a competent manager, so he should've been given the chance.

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To:  Jaydawg
Subject:  Re: Yankees may hire Willie Randolph in some capacity
Date:  6/20/08, 9:30am
When Carlos Delgado hit 38 HRs and Duaner Sanchez threw 95 MPH, Willie Randolph could do what he does best - sit back and do nothing - and be a good manager.

But what has he done in the last year and a half to give any indication that he's a good manager? Did he construct a good bench? The five man bench had two catchers and two second baseman on it, so I would say no. Did he do a good job of managing the pen? Well, he finally got rid of Jorge Sosa, although it took him posting an ERA above 7 to do it. He still ran Aaron Heilman out in high-leverage situations. He still refused to let pitchers pitch multiple innings and ran through 3-4 relievers per night. So, I say no. Did he inspire loyalty among his players and get them to play their best? David Wright said some nice things about Randolph before the firing but the silence from the rest of the players was deafening. Not everyone's going to like the manager, but shouldn't it be more than one guy? Who's having a career year this year? Nobody. Who is busting it on every play besides Wright? Does this seem like a properly motivated bunch? No.

The way the Mets fired Randolph was clumsy, at best. But the bottom line is it was the correct decision. If Omar had pulled the trigger after the team got swept in San Diego, no one would have said a word.

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