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Subject:  MLB Tickets
Date:  6/30/08, 9:19pm
Firing Willie Randolph was Omar Minaya's boldest move to date since Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon hired him in 2005 and gave him "full autonomy" on baseball decisions. And Wilpon isn't ready to let another disappointing year claim Minaya as well. The thinking upstairs is that Minaya had assembled a team capable of winning the World Series for the past three seasons. The club's decision-makers still share that opinion, even if this year's club may require some fine-tuning. "I think Omar has done a great job," Wilpon said earlier this week. "I think our organization is one that has been put in place the last four years. He's the CEO of the baseball department. Everybody who makes decisions, they're not going to be all right decisions. He's made some great decisions."

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