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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  So Much for an Exciting Series
Date:  6/19/05, 6:54pm
Well, things are once again going in the wrong direction for the Cubs. For most of the weekend they weren't even competitive as the Yankees swept them in the Bronx, and suddenly the Cubs are just one game over .500 again. You had to figure that sooner or later the Yankees were gonna turn their season around and unfortunately the Cubs caught them at the wrong time. The offense never really got it going, but the pitching really in the last week has just been atrocious. It seemed like every Yankee hitter was a struggle to get out every time. I'm a little concerned about Carlos Zambrano. For two outings in a row now he has not been hitting his spots and has not been keeping the ball down at all. And after a decent stretch the bullpen has been terrible. It's clear that Dusty Baker needs some help down there immediately.

Anyway, it's certainly not too late to turn it around, but while the Cardinals keep winning it once again looks like the Wild Card is what the Cubs are gonna have to focus on. Thankfully the rest of the National League is really bunched up right now. Monday kicks off a four-game series in Milwaukee and Jerome Williams will be inserted into the rotation to start Tuesday's game. There's still plenty of time left but the Cubs are 4-8 in their last twelve games and need to get it going again very soon.

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