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Date:  4/7/06, 10:52am
ned colleti is a smart man and an aggresive person with the acquisitions. . . i dont understand why hee seop got put on waivers because nomar and olmedo went down with injuries and i dont think james loney is major league ready until next year. . . good thing danys baez is a dodger because than we dont have to worry about Gagne being out for however long he'll be out. . but i think the bullpen is not to that standard. . . osoria is worrying me cause jae seo cannot work out of the bullpen like everybody saw tuesday night against the braves.. . a starting pitcher needs to warm up a certain period of time, which jae seo didnt. . . even though he was unhittable on saturday for the freeway series. . . if only we get one more good pitcher in the bullpen, i think we'll be fine . because we've been losing games that couldve been wins . . . cause scoring 8runs and 10runs in a game, is a game you should win, but we lost . . . . gettin a tad bit worried even though its all the beginning

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