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To:  Brewer's Fan's
Subject:  To All Milwaukee Brewer's Fan's
Date:  3/27/05, 10:20am (Last Edited: 3/28/05, 5:49pm)
To All Milwaukee Brewer's Fan's:

Hi I made a website dedicated to bringing back one of the best logo's in all of sports. The Milwaukee Brewers Glove and Ball Logo. This is definatly one of the most creative logo's ever.

Imagine if the Green Bay Packers changed their logo from the "G" to a "P" or if the New York Yankee's put a Yankee on their hats instead of the classic NY... Wouldn't be a good idea would it?? This is exactly how thousands of Milwaukee Brewers fans feel about the Old Brewers Glove & Ball logo.

The Glove & Ball logo has to be one of the most creative logo's in all of sports, if you look at this logo close you will see that the Glove & Ball form the "m" and "b" of the Milwauke Brewers.

My question is, would you please take a minute of your time to sign my petition to bring back the Milwauke Brewers Glove & Ball logo?? and maybe help spread the word thanks!

On the players' caps.

"I'm with you," said Brewers manager Ned Yost, who proudly wore the hat as a member of Harvey's Wallbangers. "I like the logo. It wouldn't bother me if they changed back to it. I'm like everybody else. I'd love the hats."

Baseball is built on tradition and we need to bring some of baseball's tradition back.

Direct link to Petition:

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