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RJ Warner  
Subject:  'We Stunk'
Date:  6/24/06, 4:38am (Last Edited: 6/24/06, 4:42am)
"We stunk."

Pirates pitcher Roberto Hernandez, after losing 15-7 to the last place KC Royals on June 22, 2006.

Can a franchise sink lower than low? After 14 years of losing ball, it's hard to go that far, but it's pretty close.

"We Stunk."

We stunk. Pretty much sums it up, huh? That phrase could be peppered throughout the organization for the last decade and a half. So, Cam (Bonifay, former Pirates GM), what's your excuse for giving a slap hitting catcher (Jason Kendall) a $60 million dollar contract that put the franchise in such financial ruin that you had to give up your stud third baseman and leadoff hitter for Jose "Absolutely Nothing" Hernandez?

And why is Hernandez back on the team AGAIN??!!

"We stunk."

Ok, what do you have to say about the signing of Derek "Operation Shutdown" Bell?

"We stunk."

100 losses in 2001?

"We stunk."

The trading of two pitchers (Jason Schmidt and Esteban Loaiza)that started opposite each other in the 2003 All-Star Game?

"We stunk."

What did you get in return?

"We stunk."

Current GM Dave Littlefield can handle it from here. So, Dave, why keep signing these over-the-hill stopgaps and malcontents like Raul Mondesi, Darryle Ward, Matt Lawton and Joe Randa for millions over their market value?

"We stunk."

Why is Jeromy Burnitz logging significant major league innings while younger guys who are clearly better players have to jockey for fewer spots and constantly have to switch positions?

"We stunk."

We could go on and on all day about the abysmal draft record, the stunted player development, the frequent arm injuries of minor league pitchers; but there's not enough space, even on the internet.

One more question: How do you get swept by the Royals?

"We..." yeah yeah yeah, we get the idea.

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