Detailing the fortunes of the Anaheim Angels and their minor league affiliates
  April 20, 2005

Next time we need a fifth starter
(By: dpwoodford)

Ok, so Kevin Gregg doesn't have it at this stage of the season, at least not as a starter. Surely then, there's an argument that if we need a fifth starter (i.e. if Kelvim Escobar isn't ready to go after his AAA rehab start), it would be logical to give Chris Bootcheck or even Jake Woods a start? You have nothing to lose, and give them the experience of a major league start if they're called upon to do so in the future. Perhaps Bootcheck would be the better option....

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  April 9, 2005

Angels in the Offseason - The Players who got away
(By: dpwoodford)

Ok, so as we left things the Angels were solidly in the black, having signed Cabrera, Finley and Byrd for a projected $3.9m below the market value. But what about the players that got away?

In order to estimate this, we have to assume that the Angels could have signed Eckstein, Glaus and Percival for the same price paid by their respective new clubs (St Louis, Arizona and Detroit).

Troy Glaus signed for the Arizona Diamondbacks for $40m over 4 years. PECOTA projects he will have 17.1 WARP over the length of the contract, that is $2.38m per win, meaning the Diamondbacks are losing around $4.06m on market value over the course of the contract. If Troy was asking for the same from...


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Last comment by: drrubb @ 4/10/05, 4:42pm

  April 8, 2005

Angels in the offseason - Part 1
(By: dpwoodford)

The Angels signed three and lost three (Major Players) in the offseason, adding Paul Byrd, Steve Finley and Orlando Cabrera whilst saying “Au Revoir” to Angel hero’s Troy Glaus, Troy Percival and David Eckstein. So how did we do? This article (in three parts), sets out to answer this question from an economic and statistical perspective.

Baseball Propsectus published their PECOTA stats for 2005 earlier in the season, and I’ll cover those in a later article. Meanwhile, yesterday they published a comparison between the PECOTA projection and the salary. They did this by taking the performance projected for the player over that of your average player, and then comparing that to the salary paid to them, over and above the minimum MLB...


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  April 8, 2005   BASEBALL  

Angry Cleveland fans demand team takes steroids
(By: dpwoodford)

This landed in my mailbox today, maybe 7 days late… but I thought it worth repeating!

(by Andy Borowitz)

Threaten Boycott of Roid-free Squad

Opening Day, a spring ritual greeted with joy by baseball fans across the country, was marred somewhat in Cleveland today as a mob of angry Cleveland Indians fans massed outside Jacobs Field, demanding that the players take steroids.

Displeasure with the championship-starved squad reached a boiling point last month during a congressional hearings about steroid abuse when not a single Indian, past or present, was called to testify.

“That was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” said Chuck Goulardi, 49, a leader of the protest. “It became clear that the Indians aren’t going the...


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Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 1/10/06, 10:09pm

  April 7, 2005   ANGELS  

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie...
(By: dpwoodford)

Somebody should tell Steve Physioc not to jinx Angels pitchers. Angels vs Rangers, Lackey has no-hit probably the #2 offence in the American League through four innings. As we go to commercial, Steve Physioc mentiones the no-hitter, or rather the "No Hi..." as Rex Hulder tried to interrupt.

Still, leadoff batter in the 5th comes up, and... yup... there's the first hit of the game for the Rangers. On the upside, the Angels still have a 3-0 lead. Let's hope Lackey can keep it together now his no-hit bid is over.

Keep your jinxing to the opposition please Steve!

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Last comment by: dpwoodford @ 4/8/05, 5:13pm

  April 5, 2005   ANGELS  

And now for the real opening day...
(By: dpwoodford)

The Angels start their season in just over 4 hours with a home game against the Texas Rangers, as B.F.Bart goes up against the Rangers revamped offense. In the two days since Baseball season officially began, we've had the Yanks take two from the Sox, including an entertaining game earlier this afternoon, Detroit's young superstar Bonderman make his Opening Day debut with a dominant performance against the Royals, whilst Dmitri Young went Yard 3 times, putting him on pace for 486 home runs on the season, and many more stories around the leagues.

Today, and as I write this, the Marlins are running riot over the Atlanta Braves, as John Smoltz fails to get through 2 innings on his return as...


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