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How To Use RRBBS

1. New User:   To sign-up as a new user, click the "sign-up as new user" link on the BBS main page. From here, you will be prompted with a series of identification questions. It is important that you provide an accurate email address because in order to validate your account, you must use the validation code that will be emailed to you.
2. Validation:   Before you will be able to use the BBS, you must validate your account by clicking the link in your validation email. The link will send you to a page that tells you that you have been validated. You will then be forwarded to the main BBS page, where you should now enter your name and password.

If you click the link from your email, and your browser already has more than one window open, it is possible that you will miss the validation message. At this point, you should try to login to the system using your name and password. If this does not work, contact the System Operator (Sysop).

3. Graphic Link:   The new user application is asking for a "graphic link." This is a web address that directs to a .GIF or .JPG file which you would like to include with your messages. Whatever graphic you choose will be auto-reduced by your browser to 70x70 pixels. We ask that any graphic that you link to be approximately this size. The bigger the graphic, the slower the load time, which will only slow down the BBS.
4. Read Modes:   There are two read methods incorporated in RRBBS - "One-by-One" and "Topics."

"Topics" sorts all of the stored messages by topic. When you select a message for reading, all replies and references to this initial topic will be viewed on the same webpage as the original topic. This is the default read method. If you prefer to see only topics that you would interested in reading, this is the best method to use.

"One-by-One" reads one message at a time. If you would like to read every message in the system, this is the best method to use.

5. Navigation:   When you first login to the system, you will be presented with a System Statistics page. Clicking the "Message Areas" link at the top of the page, or the BBS link on the line above the Welcome message will send you to a message area summary. From there, clicking on a message area name will direct you to that particular message area. Clicking the message area name will send you to a topics summary (if you are in "Topics" mode) or to a messages summary (if you are in "One-by-One" mode).
6. Reading Messages:   In "Topics" mode, click on a particular topic of interest. You will be shown all messages that relate to this topic. You can move to the next or previous topic by clicking the appropriate link. You can go back to the Message Area directory by clicking the Message Areas link.

In "One-by-ONe" mode, navigate through messages by using the NEXT and PREVIOUS links. You can also use the button in the message that allows you to jump to a specific message.

7. Posting Messages:   "Posting" is the act of writing a message. When you elect "Post" a new message or topic, you will be sent to a webpage that contains a text box. The text of your message goes in this box. When you are finished typing, click the button below the text box. You will then receive a confirmation message... and you will be sent back to your previous message.
8. Special Functions:   &b-yourtext-b& will bold "yourtext." Make sure to use BOTH &b- and -b& or the bold will continue throughout the post. Italicize is &i-yourtext-i&. To insert an image in your post: &img-weblinktoyourgraphic-img& (ex: &img-

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