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Subject:  Good Ol' Days Coming to an end
Date:  2/10/04, 10:07am
I found this story interesting about how the Cubs have managed to raise revenue and how the Cubs are decreasing the number of day games they play. I love watching day games and the Cubs on WGN and it has been a part of baseball for a long time. I wish they would do more day games.

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To:  Boogaman
Subject:  Re: Good Ol' Days Coming to an en
Date:  2/10/04, 3:11pm
Definitely an interesting article, but one thing glared at me... maybe the author was being sarcastic. If not, I want to try and figure out how to build a building that is accessible to viewing inside Dodger Stadium.The author says that the Tribune has made a deal where the Cubs get 17% of the revenue from the rooftop seat owners. The author further states that this is about 1.5 million.Doing the math (and I actually made a number of games error I think... 82, rather than 81 home games per year), it works out like this:Based on the author's figures, the rooftop owners make $107,604 PER game, if there were 82 homegames.Talk about lucrative. Seems a little high to me...

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