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Subject:  Baseball Manager Now Signing-Up Leagues
Date:  2/21/04, 12:48am
From an email I received tonight:This year Ultimate BBM is $74.95, a great price, which includes two free months of Rotowire!, making this year's game our best offer yet!So what are you waiting for? Draft lists are already being analyzed by your leaguemates. Get in now and enjoy another fun filled season of the best game on the Web: have played in this league since my brother introduced it to me in 1993. Well worth the cost of admission.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: Baseball Manager Now Signing-Up League
Date:  2/23/04, 2:35am
These are the new additions to BBM '04.Draft Day Option: you can now select the day to start your draft. Note that the first game of the Baseball Manager season will start at the same time it has in years past (about 3 weeks after the regular season starts), but if you select an early draft date, you have a longer pre-season in which to make free agent moves, trades, and manage your roster. Private, Public, and Open Leagues: Three different league types are now available -- see the Private Leagues, Public and Open Leagues sections for more information. Stadium Factor: Available only in Ultimate. League option. You can select the type of ballpark you want your team to play in. See the Stadium Factor section for more information on how this affects the game resolution.This sounds really cool, actually.See free agent bids: Available only in Ultimate. League option. This shows whether one or more FA claims are pending on the player you are trying to claim. You only see this if you put in a claim on that player. You do not see who else is claiming the player, or the amount of the claim, you only see if the player has other teams bidding on him. Pitching outs changed to 8.2 inns from 9.0: we altered the GRF slightly to stop pulling in RP's after 8.2 innings are reached. Because BBM games often pull more than the required number of innings from pitchers, this change to 8.2 will allow teams to average around 9.0 innings per game, which is more accurate. The result is also that this will save 10-15 RP apps, on average for a team, over the course of a season. It will be interesting to see how this affects the scoring system that I felt was a bit problematic last year.Pull longest Relief Pitching stat if 5 or more innings needed: the game will now look for the longest RP app for a pitcher when 5 or more innings are needed. You mean it didn't do this before?SP page: now displays opposing teams' SP (both Locked and Tentative), and, for Ultimate teams, the LHSP league setting. And other less-noteworthy changes:League Page: now displays additional information about the league, like what the LHSP option is (the LHSP option is only in Ultimate.) Reserve List: now displays reserve vs starting appearances. League stats: BBM will now track season totals on Walks, HBP, CS, Sac, and Team errors vs. Fielding errors. First basemen will no longer pitch! Instead, you will just see a blank line in the box score (similar to hitting) Good idea. It did get silly after awhile.The limit of 7 RP per game has been increased to 10: This is the now max number of Relief Pitchers now allowed in a game. Draft pages: new Links have been added to salary caps and info on the draft list pages New Grand Prize Criteria: read about our new method for determining the Grand Prize winners here (for Ultimate users only.) New redesign and enhanced look-and-feel

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