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Subject:  'Indians will be clear winners of the Crisp trade'
Date:  2/02/06, 10:55am
From the article:

Boston, to get Crisp, reliever David Riske and catcher Josh Bard from the Indians, had to part with third baseman Andy Marte, catcher Kelly Shoppach, reliever Guillermo Mota, a player to be named later and cash.

Shortly thereafter, the Tribe sent reliever Arthur Rhodes to the Phillies for outfielder Jason Michaels. These deals fill the center field hole for the Red Sox, further fortify Cleveland's impressive collection of young talent and buttress the long-troubling Phillies' bullpen.

Let's explore how these trades help (or harm) all teams involved...

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To:  Anonymous
Subject:  Re: 'Indians will be clear winners of the Crisp trade'
Date:  2/2/06, 6:36pm
I disagree with the article. Coco Crisp numbers were similar to Damon's for the past few seasons, but you have to keep in mind that Jacobs Field is more of a pitcher-friendly park. I'll expect Coco's numbers to improve at Fenway. Damon may be a little better defensively, but Crisp is not exactly a slouch in that department.

David Riske is one of the best kept secrets among the middle-relievers and is a major reason why Cleveland was competitive in the A.L. Central last season. As a former fantasy league owner of Riske, I can certainly vouch for him. Guillermo Mota has had injury troubles lately and his best pitching is behind him. But, as long as he's healthy, he'll give Boston some decent middle-relief. Though, I'd definitely prefer Riske for the long-term.

The only bright spot for Cleveland in the trade is Alex Marte. He won't put up A-Rod or even David Wright type numbers, but I definitely see him as a perennial All-Star.

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