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Subject:  Selig: Drug use of performancing enhancing drugs dropped to below 1% last season
Date:  2/02/06, 1:30pm
From the article:

Twelve players, including former Baltimore first baseman Rafael Palmeiro, tested positive this past season, out of more than 1,400 samples taken, said Rich Levin, a spokesman for MLB. Another player has since tested positive in the offseason.

Selig said during the show that without the intervention of the U.S. Congress, MLB and the players association wouldn't have taken steps to strengthen the performance enhancing portion of the policy, which now calls for suspensions without pay of 50 games for the first positive test, 100 games for the second and a lifetime ban (with reinstatement rights after two years) for the third.

Those penalties are up from this past year's 10 days for the first offense, 30 days for the second, 60 days for the third and a one-year suspension for the fourth.

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