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Subject:  The RotoAuthority's fantasy team - what do you think?
Date:  2/18/06, 10:04am
I started off with the 3rd overall pick, grabbing Johan Santana. I wanted the ace of all aces, as I planned to stock up on cheap starters later.

In the second round, I grabbed Travis Hafner. I think he could be on par with Ortiz this year.

Picked up Jeter in the third round, followed by Ben Sheets in the fourth. Sheets might well be a top three starter in 2006, so now I had the best and possibly third-best starters in the game.

I took Richie Sexson in the fifth round, looking for 40 HR potential with tons of RBIs. I was surprised to find Barry Bonds available in the sixth round, so I snatched him up.

My seventh round pick was Ryan Howard, adding to my stable of mashers. I then took Willy Taveras in the eighth, something I may have regretted if we played this one out. If Taveras doesn't get 600 ABs or can't steal 50+ bases, this will turn out to be a bad pick. I wanted a speed guy though.

I took Troy Glaus in the ninth round, as Aaron Gleeman snagged Scott Rolen right before me. Picked up Jonny Gomes in the tenth, and now I'm stacked with power guys.

I started getting a tad concerned about my batting average with guys like Sexson, Howard, and Gomes on the roster. That's why I picked Placido Polanco in Round 12 - he's a lock to hit .300.

Kenji Johjima is my favorite catcher pick, and Ramon Hernandez had gone a few picks before. I grabbed Johjima with hopes of Willingham as my next pick.

Willingham was snagged two picks before my next, though, so I went with Bengie Molina. I'm not a huge fan, but he won't kill you as a backup catcher.

In need of outfielders, I went with Brady Clark. He should continue to be solid in average, runs, and steals while hitting double digit HRs. I'm not thrilled with this one and he could easily collapse.

For my next pick, Doug Davis was just too awesome to pass up in Round 16. He's a borderline top 20 starter, capable of 210 Ks and solid ratios. His luck may turn around and he could get 15 wins this time around.

Itching for speed but not willing to sacrifice power, I picked up Reggie Sanders next. Royals outfielders in general get no respect in drafts, but Sanders, DeJesus, and Brown are all solid choices late in the game.

Didn't expect to see Brad Penny available in Round 18, so took him. Then I took Greg Maddux in the 19th, as I think he can provide 15 wins and a good WHIP in tons of innings. That has serious value even if it's boring.

Grabbed another good ratio guy in Ryan Madson in the following round. There's a fair chance something necessitates his return to the 'pen, but if not he could have a nice year under the radar.

My boy Scott Baker was the next pick, followed by an uninspiring selection of Aaron Harang. I topped off my nine starters with Anthony Reyes, who's yet to lock down a rotation spot. He'll be in rotation by the break if he's healthy though.

So I've got nine solid starters, the first four of which are pretty much locks. I'd likely cut one of Maddux, Madson, Baker, Harang, and Reyes depending on performance and opportunity as new closers become available.

Looking at The Closer Watch, I could see Ray, Foulke, Jenks, Wickman, Jones, MacDougal, Orvella, Reitsma, Weathers, Borowski, and Benitez with the chance to falter. At least three of these eleven guys will not be closers at year's end. Injuries will create even more chances for me to find some saves.

My pitching strategy is mildly risky. Not sure whether we would've instituted an innings cap, but I probably would've jumped out to an early lead in wins and Ks to make up for my lack of saves.

As for my offense, I think I have a pretty good handle of every category except steals. Jeter, Taveras, Gomes, Clark, and Sanders would all have to meet my projections for me to compete.

Overall, it would've made for an interesting club with a good mix of upside and reliable guys.

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To:  Anonymous
Subject:  Re: The RotoAuthority's fantasy team - what do you think?
Date:  2/18/06, 2:49pm
I think you did pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

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