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To:  All
Subject:  Bonds silent; others deny use
Date:  3/4/04, 12:38pm
Steroids are the talk or refusal to talk of baseball this year.

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Message #237 of 6634  *NEW*
To:  Boogaman
Subject:  Re: Bonds silent; others deny use
Date:  3/4/04, 1:30pm
I'm going to sound like an idiot for saying this, but I can't help it.I had a dream last night that I was selling some of my baseball cards at a card show. I have two PSA, Gem-Mint 10 Barry Bonds XRC, and my dream included a thief grabbing one of these on display and running away.If Freud were to analyze my dream, he might say that all of this steroid hub-bub is akin to the thief stealing my card (i.e., its value).So, in the end, I can't tell whether my opinion that no asterisk should be placed next to Bonds' name is because I want my cards to keep their value, or simply because I just really like Bonds as a player.The stories have included that Marvin Benard has been on the same stuff as Bonds.Simply put, I haven't seen Benard put up crazy numbers like 73 HRS in a season.

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