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Subject:  Gabe White Decides to Retire
Date:  3/04/06, 08:44am
Apparently giving up triples to Coco Crisp and Enrique Wilson was too much for him.

(Actually, I find this kind of sad...34 seems a little young to be hanging it up, in my opinion.)

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To:  redsoxchick
Subject:  Re: Gabe White Decides to Retire
Date:  3/4/06, 9:18am (Last Edited: 3/4/06, 9:18am)
Have to agree on the age thing. As Gregg and I are both older than Gabe, the temptation is to jump on Gabe for ending things early.

Then again, he never was much of a noteworthy pitcher.

As you might know, ESPN will provide relevant news links that contain a mention of that player in a player profile.

The last two ESPN news stories that mentioned Gabe White were: November 3, 2004's "Go, Fish: Pavano decides on free agency" and July 30, 2003's "Reds' Boone wants out."

That is Aaron Boone. The same guy who signed with the Yanks. The same guy who has already been out a year due to a pickup basketball game injury... and then already returned for a season.

So, in sum, thanks for your service, Gabe White! [although nobody is likely to notice after this post]

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