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To:  All
Subject:  NL Central Predictions
Date:  4/01/07, 3:42pm

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To:  Anonymous
Subject:  Re: NL Central Predictions
Date:  4/7/07, 10:11am
The Brewers could be in store for their best season in 20+ years. As long as Sheets stays healthy, they'll have the best starting pitching in the division and you can't knock their young offensive phenoms, particularly Prince Fielder. I see the Brew Crew competing with the Cubbies for the division title down the stretch. Chicago now has one of the games best managers in Lou Piniella and D-Lee seems to be back to his old form. The Cards should be very disappointing compared to last year, as Jim Edmonds and Scott Rolen's best days are behind them. Though, Chris Carpenter could single-handedly get his team to compete near the end. Expect this to be another close divisional race.

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