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Subject:  NL West Predictions
Date:  4/01/07, 4:42pm

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To:  Anonymous
Subject:  Re: NL West Predictions
Date:  4/7/07, 10:28am
I'm not sure what the predictor is smoking on this one. The Pads have a mediocre offense at best in a hitters park at Petco. Other than Chris Young and the often injured Peavy, I don't see much starting pitching. Greg Maddux's best days are long behind him. I don't see Hoffman getting a whole lot of save opportunities this year and of course S.D. lost a brilliant manager in Bruce Bochy. The Dodgers have a slightly better offense and a much better pitching staff. They lost some power hitting in the offseason, but I still see them scoring a lot of runs with Juan Pierre and Furcal at the top of thier lineup. The Giants could surprise some people this year. The improved their pitching with the addition of Zito, who's best pitching is ahead of him, I believe. Bonds is going to break Aaron's record, but the steroid controversies will haunt him for eternity. If Ba-Bo can manage to get 450+-at-bats this season, then expect the Giants to compete down the stretch.

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