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Subject:  The PIck to Click: Fantasy Baseball Blog & Forum
Date:  5/05/07, 8:00pm
Hi -- My name is Sal DeFilippo and I am a career writer/editor and a longtime, avid fantasy baseball player (I play a lot of online CDMsports game and won their overall points title in 1998). I recently launched my own daily blog -- -- and I was wondering what I could to do become a part of your blogroll. I would gladly give you a link in return, of course.

I try to mix in a lot of humor-based material along with more serious posts and often link to other sites and posts as well. If you have the time to visit the blog and let me know what you think, and offer any advice you have toward building the blog, that would also be much appreciated.

Thanks for the consideration,

Sal DeFilippo

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