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To:  All
Subject:  Schilling apologizes to Bonds
Date:  5/09/07, 5:51pm
This looks ONLY because Francona got pissed off... see Francona's comments in the article.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: Schilling apologizes to Bonds
Date:  5/12/07, 9:25am
In many ways, Schilling is as much of a jerk as Bonds. On the steroids issue, he once claimed that over 60% of players used the substance. But, when asked about it during his testimony in front of the Congressional Committee, he said it was only meant as a joke, while giving the impression that Canseco was the only player to ever use the substance. Several months later, when Canseco became vindicated, Schilling said something to the effect of, "Yeah, Canseco was telling the truth, but he's still a ********."

As for the Bonds issue, Schilling obviously went over the line when he talked about his personal life, but any comments concerning baseball and the steroids issue are fair game. I still don't buy Bonds' assertion that he "unknowingly" took steroids and "The Clear" cream-like substance given to him from his personal trainer, Greg Anderson. He's not that stupid. Anyhow, I don't see Ba-Bo holding on to the home run record for long. A-Rod has 175 more homers than Bonds did at the same age and no indicators are pointing out that he cheated on the game. Rodriguez is a classy guy and is worthy of being in the same club as Hank Aaron.

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