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To:  All
Subject:  Four Red Sox and three Cubs are named to the 2008 All Star Game
Date:  7/06/08, 9:34pm
I love Soriano, but he's missed over a month of games. Every year, the fans vote for one or two guys who don't deserve to be All Stars. Maybe the league should overrule these decisions and give the spot to someone who really deserves to be there.

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To:  Jaydawg
Subject:  Re: Four Red Sox and three Cubs are named to the 2008 All Star Game
Date:  7/7/08, 9:32am
Should we be suprised? It's so obvious that all of the big market teams are going to get there players in the all star game before the small market teams. It's the same old thing I've always bitched about & unfortunately, it will never change. Simple math. More people live in the bigger market cities, especially in the northeast, so they are going to get the most biased voters. The fans shouldn't be allowed to vote. How about Jason Varitek? Should he be there? NO FREAKING WAY! The stats don't lie. He's hitting 214! The northeast also obviously has a painfully obvious fan base because only 1 player from the NL West made the all star team, & only 1 player from the AL West made the all star team. Everything is painfully slanted towards the midwest & northeast big markets & it's sheerly because of the population in those parts & then there is the biased media who have always pushed & promoted teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, & Cubs & pretty much turned a blind eye to all of the smaller market teams, not just recently, but over the course of past & present history. The media has created much of the problem over the years. This is also why FOX is holding it's collective breath because they fear that the Rays & Brewers are going to be in the World Series, which would be GREAT for baseball! But what do you think the media & FOX wants to see? They want to see the Yankees or Red Sox vs. the Cubs or Cardinals or Mets. It's just f#$king disgusts me! They always want to see the same old damn teams & same players. This again, is what's wrong with the game of baseball, this whole attitude that it's all about money & ratings, & what has the best sex appeal, & the big market teams. Why? Why does it have to be like this? I hope the Rays & Brewers are in the World Series so they can throw MLB & FOX & Bud Selig a big shit burger & make them eat it. I think a small market World Series would be awesome for a change!

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