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Subject:  The Forgotten Birds
Date:  11/24/04, 12:08pm
The Baltimore documentary about the Independent / Minor League Baltimore Orioles 1903 through 1953 is in pre production. This is the team Babe Ruth, Robert "Lefty" Grove started their professional careers with. Also during 1919 through 1925 they won seven straight pennants and were called the 2nd best minor tean ever by Bill James and other historians. Seeking pictures of Baltimore during this time period and looking for fans that went to the games at Oriole Park ( 29th & Greenmount, Barclay streets) and Municipal Stadium on the 33rd street. Know a relative that went to the games or former player please have them call Executive Producer Stephen Johnson # 410 665-2596, or # 410 902-1959. See Press Release on left of homepage at today for more info.!

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