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Subject:  Internal Revenue Service to MLB players: 'Ix-nay on the free ickets-tay!'
Date:  3/3/05, 6:18pm
Not to get too political in this web community, but when you think about the fact that we have a President who is a former MLB team owner... who has managed to really bungle our nation's coffers...Geesh. Could are government be THAT desperate for money?Assume that the average ticket price is $50. Assume that a player's fmily of SIX was going to go to EVERY game of the season (look, highly doubtful, but I'm makin a point here... REALLY).That's $48,600. Both home and away games.Well, come to think of it... that is a nice chunk of change.While families aren't going to go to EVERY game, it still adds up.I didn't start this post believing I would praise George W... but let me end it with: "Good idea, George!" This just might pay for the tires on a Humvee in Iraq!

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