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Subject:  Willie Randolph puts down his foot; hopefully, won't be putting it in his mouth
Date:  3/12/05, 1:25pm
Well, Johnny Damon, Craig Wilson would have some problems on the Mets.And, now... Willie's rules --
Field rules and regulations:Make sure to report on time each day.Day game curfew is 1 a.m. Night game curfew is 2 1/2 hours after game (ending) time.All players and coaches will stand at attention on the top step of the dugout during the national anthem. The appearance of the New York Mets team is to be respectful and quiet.Clubhouse and training room rules and regulations:There will be no alcoholic beverages served in the Clubhouse and no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the team bus or airplanes!There is no smoking in the Clubhouse, Training or Weight Rooms at anytime.No visitors, other than those necessary for business reasons, are permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.As per instructions of the Security Department of the Commissioners Office, no cellular phones are to be used in any Clubhouse in Major League Baseball.Personal Appearance and Travel Rules and Regulations:Minimum standards of attire when traveling to out-of-town games are as follows: dress shoes, casual shoes, tennis shoes, shirt with collar, jeans, wash and wear pants, jogging suits. No sandals, T-shirts or shorts.Hair and mustaches are to be kept neat. No beards. Earrings are NOT permitted while you are in uniform.Head sets or individual earphones are required when listening to portable radios, CD players, or iPOD'S, DVD players, etc., in the Clubhouse on all planes and buses.No smoking on buses or airplanes.Fan Relations:As representatives of the New York Mets organization, all players are urged to deal in a courteous manner with all reasonable autograph and photograph requests by fans if such requests do not interfere with the daily workout schedule. It is important to every player's image as well as the image of the Mets organization that each fan is treated with patience and respect.Any violation of the rules will be punishable with $200 fines for the first time and a doubling of those fines for any subsequent violations.Signed by Omar Minaya, general manager, Willie Randolph, manager

It's strange because, in the article, Willie talks about how he is modelling his managerial style after Billy Martin.But... these rules?

This spring, Randolph has laid down a laundry list of rules for his players to follow. Randolph calls them "standards" and he laughed loudly when asked if Martin had many rules."How can you have rules when you break them all yourself?" Randolph asked.

I miss Billy.

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