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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Cubs and Red Sox Finally to Meet
Date:  6/9/05, 7:24pm
This weekend's three-game series between the Cubs and Boston Red Sox is important, as both teams have similar records and are trying to make the playoffs. But there is much more to this series than that. The fact that these two teams have two of the biggest and strongest fan bases in professional sports, plus the fact that they haven't played each other since the 1918 World Series, makes this weekend's series huge -- if not historical. This series could have been even bigger than it will be already. The Red Sox won the World Series last year, but these two teams have suffered a combined total of 182 consecutive years without a title (with the Cubs' streak still going, of course). If the Red Sox hadn't won it all last year, this series might have been even more special. Or, if Nomar Garciaparra weren't injured, that would add another juicy storyline. But I still am really looking forward to it. Several years down the road we'll look back at this as a major historical event, but right now I'm concerned about the Cubs winning the series and gaining some ground in the playoff chase!

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