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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Sox Pitchers Getting Socked by Cubs
Date:  6/11/05, 7:03pm
Another great performance by the offense, overcoming an early 4-0 deficit, and a good showing by the bullpen gave the Cubs their second straight win over the Boston Red Sox on Saturday. They are now a season high six games over .500 and will go for the series sweep behind Glendon Rusch on Sunday night. Carlos Zambrano didn't look at the top of his game but the offense picked him up, scoring seven runs without a home run or without a hit from the first three batters in the lineup. Thankfully it sounds like Zambrano is fine after making an awkward slide into second base in the fifth inning and hurting his foot.

This series has been a lot of fun so far. Yes, the Cubs' winning has made it even better, but the fan excitement is incredible. I actually saw a Red Sox fan holding a sign that said "1908" on it. I couldn't believe it! They win one World Series and it's already getting to their heads! What's next... are they gonna start chanting "2000" next time they go to Yankee Stadium? Anyway, Cub fan support has been great too; hopefully we can keep this intensity up the rest of the year and help the team break the "curse" of our own!

I also want to comment on something from Friday's game. I love what Bob Brenly said after David Ortiz posed for one of his meaningless home runs. It was something along the lines of, "I didn't see Greg Maddux pose when he got Ortiz to hit a pop out." There might be nothing in the game that irritates me more than when someone stops and admires a home run -- except maybe if someone admires a shot that doesn't make it out of the park! Anyway, I'm glad the Cubs didn't throw at anyone to retaliate because that's not the way to do it. The way I see it, there is no sweeter revenge than winning the game, and so far that's what the Cubs have been doing in this series!

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