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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Not a Good Ending to the Homestand
Date:  6/15/05, 4:16pm
Each of the last four games for the Cubs have been blowouts. Unfortunately the Cubs were on the positive end of that only once. Wednesday afternoon's loss to the Florida Marlins finished off a not-so-great 4-5 homestand. Toronto, Boston, and Florida have all been doing decent but not great and the Cubs really should have done better than that. John Koronka, Monday's losing pitcher, was sent down to the minors; he is not a major league pitcher and shouldn't have been up for a team trying to stay in the playoff chase. Big-time prospect Rich Hill was called up and I'm interested to see what he can do. One very pleasant surprise recently, of course, has been Sergio Mitre. He has thrown 16 consecutive shutout innings over his last two starts. Hopefully he has found some consistency and if he keeps pitching like this, he should be in the starting rotation no matter who's injured and who's not. It is also frustrating to watch the offense be so inconsistent from one game to the next. There's no question the Cubs are gonna go need to get a bat at the trade deadline.

I know the Cubs are still very much in the center of things as far as the playoff chase is concerned, but this last homestand was kinda tough to watch at times. It sounds like Kerry Wood and Mark Prior are progressing well so hopefully they will both be back in plenty of time to give this team the boost it needs for the stretch run. Basically right now the team is just trying to survive, with lots of road games and tough opponents coming up. That big winning road trip allowed them to climb back into the race. If they can play at least around .500 for the next few weeks while they get healthy, I think they will be in good position for the last two months of the regular season.

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