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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Return to the Bronx
Date:  6/17/05, 12:22pm
The Cubs now hit the road for the next ten games, and you figure that if they can at least break even on the trip they should still be fine. The first stop of course is Yankee Stadium, the Cubs' first trip there since the 1938 World Series. It's a showdown between the most successful sports team in America against, well, possibly the most made fun of team for futility. But of course we all know that the Yankees have not been playing up to their normal standards this year, and the Cubs won't have to face Randy Johnson, so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to get back on track. As Chip Caray used to say, one trademark of the Cubs under Dusty Baker is that they seem to gain a lot of ground in the standings when they are on the road. Carlos Zambrano will start the first game of the series; I like that he shows a lot of emotion but hopefully he can focus and throw strikes.

I think that I am as excited about this series as I have ever been for any regular season series. The Yankees are my least favorite team and I always root against them, except if they are playing a team that the Cubs need to lose, like the Cardinals last week. Not only that, the Cubs are competing for a playoff spot and they have a chance to deal the final blow to the Yankees' playoff chances. I would love to see a Cubs sweep here, but if they win two out of three I would be satisfied.

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To:  chicagocubsblogger
Subject:  Re: Return to the Bronx
Date:  6/18/05, 3:21pm
I hate those damn Yankees to! I hate them more than you can possibly imagine! I would never pull for them under any circumstance, & I mean ANY circumstance!

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