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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Another Tough Series Ahead
Date:  6/24/05, 9:02am
It looked like maybe things were back on track after two wins in Milwaukee, but the Cubs then dropped the next two to settle for a split in the series. Thursday's game was especially difficult, because there were so many opportunities to win. There's nothing wrong with the middle of the order, but there needs to be more consistency from the leadoff and number two spots in the order. Neifi Perez has slowed down a little, and Corey Patterson has just been terrible. He looks overmatched at the plate and is showing no patience. I know he's still young and used to be a highly valued prospect, but if the Cubs want to contend this year they cannot afford to be much more patient with him. Forget a trade for a middle of the order guy like Adam Dunn or Aubrey Huff; the Cubs need a guy who can bat at the top of the order and play good defense in the outfield, like Mark Kotsay or Randy Winn. Everyone has been talking about the need to add a bat, but the bullpen really needs some help as I have said before. Hopefully if Sergio Mitre and Glendon Rusch leave the starting rotation soon they will provide some help; otherwise Jim Hendry cannot afford to wait until July 31 to add to the bullpen. It is so frustrating to watch the offense have a great game like they did on Thursday only to have the bullpen blow it.

Truth be told, I am not looking forward to this weekend series with the White Sox. I know that these rivalries are good for the game, but it's too bad that the Cubs have six games against the best team in baseball while nobody else in the NL Central or East has to play them at all. The White Sox continue to roll with their style of just doing whatever it takes to win. A sweep by the Sox this weekend would severly cripple the Cubs chances at a playoff spot. If Sergio Mitre pitches like he did against Toronto and Florida, Greg Maddux pitches like he did against Milwaukee, Mark Prior comes back strong on Sunday and the offense continues to pound the ball, maybe the Cubs can somehow find a way to win this series.

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