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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Season is Slipping Away
Date:  7/3/05, 6:11pm
After winning the first two games against the Brewers it looked like the Cubs were starting to put it together, but instead they lost the finale of that series then were swept by the Nationals. In all three of those games the Cubs had many chances to win. Now, back to .500 at 40-40 and approaching the half-way point, this team is in trouble. They absolutely must have a winning seven-game road trip to Atlanta and Florida this upcoming week leading up to the All-Star Break or their season is over. These are two teams the Cubs are gonna have to get by to make the playoffs, because barring a monumental collapse the Cubs are never gonna catch the Cardinals. There just seems to be no rhythm to this team right now. The offense is struggling to even string two or three hits together or move runners along when necessary. And many of the players have been hitting the ball pretty hard but it seemed like the Nationals had about 30 men on the field; everything was being caught, no matter where it was, no matter how hard it was hit. One thing is for sure: this team will not make the playoffs with what they have. The top of the order and the bullpen really need some help. Jim Hendry needs to go out and make some deals by the end of the month, and hopefully the Cubs can play well enough to stay in the race until then.

By the way, congratulations to Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez for both making their first All-Star appearance. The fans deserve a lot of credit for voting Lee in. Hopefully they will get more help from other guys in the lineup -- including hopefully Nomar Garciaparra -- in the second half.

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