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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Lee, Rusch Lead Cubs to Another Win over Rockies
Date:  5/29/05, 7:43pm
May 28, 2005

The Cubs had another relatively easy win over the Colorado Rockies on Saturday afternoon, 5-1. Derrek Lee continues to be outstanding with another two home runs, four in two days and 16 on the year. He's my league MVP so far. It was also nice to see Aramis Ramirez hit a home run. He has struggled at the plate but it looks as though he is starting to turn it around. Neifi Perez has also hit well the past couple of days in that leadoff spot. I still think the key to the Cubs offense is Corey Patterson. He's hitting home runs, but if he can hit more line drives, utilize his speed and create more runs, that will really help the offense. Meanwhile, Glendon Rusch continues to be very solid. He was the team's MVP last year and has really stepped up in the rotation.

The Cubs really needed to go at least 5-2 at home against Houston and Colorado, two teams that have really struggled on the road. After Thursday's miserable performance it didn't look good but if Sergio Mitre can lead the Cubs to a win tomorrow they will be back to .500 in time for the trip to Los Angeles and San Diego.

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