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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Being Tough on the Announcers?
Date:  5/29/05, 7:45pm
I've noticed that some Cubs fans have been extremely critical towards the new announcers, Len Kasper and Bob Brenly. I'm as upset as anyone that Steve Stone is gone. I really enjoyed hearing his commentary on the games for all those years and it is really difficult to watch as he does games on ESPN when WGN is where he belongs. A group of players (three of whom -- Moises Alou, Kent Mercker, and LaTroy Hawkins -- are already gone) forced Stoney out when all he did was his job: saying that the team stinks when they did late last year.

However, I think that Kasper and Brenly are doing an outstanding job. I like their down-to-earth, simplistic yet descriptive approach. The team has had its struggles early this year and I can fully understand their being cautious on criticizing the team after what happened to Stoney and Chip Caray last year. I guess it's easier to get upset about these things when the team is struggling. Maybe they will offer more commentary as they grow into the job, but hopefully there won't be a lot to criticize in the future!

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