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To:  Cubs fans
Subject:  Finally, Back to .500
Date:  5/29/05, 7:46pm
May 29, 2005

Well, after Thursday's pathetic performance you had to figure that winning the next three in a row against the Colorado Rockies was a must, and that's exactly what the Cubs have done after winning an 11-6 slugfest at Wrigley on Sunday. Jeromy Burnitz had a homer and four RBIs, Aramis Ramirez had three hits including a homer and four RBIs, and Derrek Lee continued his hot streak with three hits and three runs scored. Sergio Mitre didn't have a particularly good outing but thankfully the Cubs offense rescued him and the bullpen was able to stop the Rockies from scoring. I really don't think Mitre is a long-term answer in that rotation but he's been pressed into duty with all the injuries. Although the offense was solid again today, I still would like to see the Cubs take more pitches, especially Burnitz and Corey Patterson. We are still leaving too many runners in scoring position.

This is also the first time in four weeks that the Cubs have gotten back to .500 as we get ready to spend the next week in California. They are actually 12-7 since the seven-game losing streak despite all the injuries. Hopefully they can keep it going starting tomorrow against the fading Los Angeles Dodgers, although I'm a little concerned about facing Wilson Alvarez. It seems to me like we can never score against him.

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