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Robert Jones  
Subject:  What is it About Twins Center Fielders?
Date:  4/27/07, 7:43pm
I always loved to see Kirby Pucket play and now Tori Hunter. It was such a horrific sight to see Tori, like his predecessor hit in the face by a pitch was such a horrific sight. I don't blame Tori for his first reaction to charge the mound. I admire his restraint after his initial impulse.

Torii, to me, is such a clean player. He has found himself embattled recently for the indiscretion of giving a gift to another harm done and the spirit of the gift was obviously not meant to in any unsportsmanlike manner.

His demeanor reminds me of Kirby Pucket...tremendous hustle and a delightful spirit that seems to characterize his enjoyment of the game. It kind of reminds me of the video clip when Kirby delighted in watching Big Mac hit bomb after bomb in the homerun derby. Hunter's delightful spirit was captured in his comical picture and clowning blowing off the injury and scare he suffered in his picture with the mummy style wrap around his head at the attached link.

Torii Hunter.......You are a class act.

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