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Subject:  Mets Take 2 Out Of 3, Head Home
Date:  4/30/06, 3:40pm
The Mets completed their 3 game series with the Braves Sunday with a loss, 8-5 as Jeff Francoeur had a big day going 4 for 5 with 5 RBI's. Steve Trachsel just didn't have it today, and was everywhere with his command. Beltran played again today and had to turn the wheels on a couple of times today and looked good doing so, as he also looked good on his 2 run homer swing.

The Mets end April with a 6 game lead in the division, which is 1 game better than what the '86 team had at the end of April.

Like I said earlier Vicor more than likely be sent back down Tuesday. in time to recall John Maine for the start that night against the Nationals. One thing for sure, it won't be Met phenonm Mike Pelfrey who's been lights out in AA. Then again with the Mets you never know.

Next Up Zambrano against the Nats.

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