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Subject:  Mets Win Marathon Game
Date:  5/6/06, 8:42am
The Mets won a 14 inning marathon game Friday night 8-7. The Mets twice came back from behind, first in the 7th, behind 6-2 scoring 4 runs to tie it and again in the 11th, were Billy Wagner again could not hold a team at bay, and gave up a pinch hit solo shot to Wilson Betemit, but in the bottom half with Chris Reisma on for the save, Cliff Floyd hit a second deck bomb to again tie it. The Mets were issued 13 walks, but yet only one of those scored, Carlos Beltran in the bottom of the 14th. Steve Trachsel again had control issues, and Chad Bradford was ruffed up in relief also. Jose Reyes was going for a team tying record 6 hits in a game, held by Edgardo Alfonzo, but was walked and had a ground out in his 2 attempts.

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