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Subject:  Bannister Hurt, Wagner Blows Save......Oh, The Mets Win
Date:  4/26/06, 5:26pm
On a get away day game against the Gianst we saw Bannister be helped off the field trying to score from second on a Kaz single, Billy Wagner blow a 3 run lead in the bottom of the ninth, and the Mets squeek out a 11 inning win. Bannister was gutsy today, 2 doubles and he pitched decent giving up 3 earned over 5 innings while only walking 2, which had been a problem. But none the less, he looks DL bound for sure, which either leaves the Mets with calling up Jeremi Gonzalez, John Maine, or even better......Hold your hats Mets fans LIMA TIME!!!!! Wow, is all I can say, Wow. Bonds splashed a 2-1 pitched into the cove to tie the game in the bottom half of the ninth, so all the cries for the Mets to not walk Bonds, seem a little far fetched now, 3 games 2 HR's. Delgado put a ball into the Cove also for his 9th of the season, and tied a team record for most HR's in April.

Victor Zambrano has 9 lives for sure, cries through out NY are for him to be gone, replaced, let go, traded for a dozen balls, anything, and now with the Bannister injury, it looks like we'll have stomach him for a while longer.

Off day tomorrow then 3 in Hotlanta.

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