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Green Caesar  
Subject:  Gameday Ritual FAB (Day 4)
Date:  3/24/06, 10:20am (Last Edited: 3/24/06, 10:21am)
Day Four
(1:22pm) Wave 2 of the FAB is in the books and here is how things look throughout the league:
Fightin’ ACLs – 16 players ($17.5 and 1 NT left)
Asian Invasion – 14 players ($15.5 and 1 NT left)
Pastime – 12 players ($37.5 and 1 NT left)
Ginger Kids – 11 players ($24.5 and 1 NT left)
Laibach Kittens – 10 players ($44.0 and 0 NT left)
Jacob’s Crib – 9 players ($51.0 and 1 NT left)
CARDINALS – 9 players ($44.0 and 1 NT left)
Green Machine – 9 players ($37.0 and 2 NTs left)
Kielbasa Nostra – 8 players ($54.5 and 2 NTs left)
Lepplan Lions – 8 players ($44.0 and 0 NT left)
Kirby’s Creampuffs – 7 players ($58.0 and 1 NT left)
LA Jaguars – 7 players ($42.5 and 0 NT left)

I went to bed last night thinking that I would end up with Ensberg for sure and maybe Andruw Jones. When I checked this morning, I did get Ensberg but I did not get Jones. Which I think will be a good thing. I had offered him a $7.0/3Y contract and that would have severly limited my options going forward. Here is my roster so far:

C Barrett ($2.5/1Y)
2B Giles ($8.5/3Y)
3B Ensberg ($5.0/3Y)
OF Ichiro ($12.0/3Y)
OF Hermida ($5.0/2Y)
SP Buehrle ($9.0/2Y)
SP Myers ($9.0/2Y)
SP Webb ($7.0/2Y NT)
SP Bonderman ($5.0/2Y)

I am in the lead on the following players: 1B Lee ($8.5/3Y NT), SS Rollins ($8.0/3Y NT), RP Rietsma ($1.0/1Y), 1B Thome ($2.0/1Y), RP Betancourt ($1.0/1Y) & RP Villarreal ($1.0/1Y).

If I sign all of them I will be at 15 players with $15.5 left to spend to get my roster up to around 25 players. Needless to say, I will be bargain shopping from here on out.

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