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Green Caesar  
Subject:  Dear Diary (4/28/06)
Date:  4/28/06, 7:10am (Last Edited: 4/28/06, 7:22am)
Well, the MLB season is just about a month old and I would have to grade myself fantasy season as a solid B thusfar.

BaseballGeeks BBM League (10 Teams)
I am 3-5 in the young season. Not bad, considering I had to retool my bullpen on the fly. Here is a lowdown on my roster:

C - S: Posada BU: Kendall
1B - S: Overbay BU: Morneau
2B - S: Kent BU: Barfield
3B - Platoon: Glaus & Rolen
SS - Platoon: Renterria & Hardy
OF - S: Manny, Crawford & Jenkins BU: Winn & Pierre

Rotation: Peavy, Maddux, Myers, Hudson & Maroth BU: Haren
Bullpen: Lidge, Gordon, C-Cordero, McCarthy, Cassidy & Villarreal

Strengths - I think my pitching is solid at this point.
Weaknesses - Hitting ... 2B may be a big concern.

High Heat - 5x5 Yahoo Roto (10 Teams)
Over the last month I have been hovering at the top of the league. Falling no farther than 4th (and that was only for one day). I currently sit in 2nd ... one point back of 1st.

I have only made a few moves:
Picked up Kinsler and stashed him on the DL
Placed Helton on the DL
Picked up various bodies to fill in on off days
Oh ... I did pick up Papelbon early

My Score
Runs - 10
HRs - 3.5
RBI - 5
SB - 4.5
AVG - 2
- - - - - - -
WINS - 8
SVs - 9
Ks - 8
ERA - 9
WHIP - 8

As you can see, I am kicking ass in Pitching. My strategy of using Shields and Linebrink to massage the ERA & WHIP is working like a charm. I am surprised that I am so low in Stolen Bases ... with Figgins, Rollins & Crawford on the team.

GameDay Ritual League (12 Teams)
I should be 3-0 ... damn it! When setting your starting lineup for the week ahead, you have a decision to make on your pitchers that have two starts: use the 1st start, use the 2nd start or use the average of both starts (reminder tha tthis is a points league). I have been using the average every time ... except Week 2, Myers was scheduled to start AT Colorado ... my thinking was that Myers has been good ... bot great ... so I decided to only use his 1st start. He got me 9 points in his 1st start against the Braves and then flew out to Colorado and pitched a 30 point gem (7.2 IP, 0 ER) ... that was the difference as I lost by FOUR POINTS!

In injury news: D-Lee on DL, Hermida on DL, Betancourt on DL ...

Along with setting your rotation, you must also set your batting order each week. This is the one thing that I downplayed when preparing for the FAB (draft). Each slot in the batting order offers various bonus points (refer to the manual for more:

Here is my batting order for Week 4:

The +1 -> +9 columns refer to the amount of bonus points I can expect if I start that player in that slot. For example, if I start Ichiro in slot #1 I can expect 11 bonus points if he scores his average 2.9 PPG. If I was to start him in the #9 slot, I would only expect 5 bonus points.

Just another element of GameDay Ritual that makes it truly unique.

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