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Robert Jones  
Subject:  Manny
Date:  4/25/07, 10:43pm
I can't help but be a Manny Ramirez fan. He is such a spectacular hitter but sometimes he just seems to get brain gas.

I laughed so hard yesterday when he did an exceptional job of playing the ball off the monster with his bare hand then he turned and threw the ball into the ground to become a 12 hopper to the cutoff man....I kept help but love his heroic Manny moments and then I get cracked up at his Manny being Manny moments.

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To:  Robert Jones
Subject:  Re: Manny
Date:  4/23/08, 10:04am
Thats so true man. I hear people ripping him for not running hard or hitting the wrong cutoff or whatever. But they fail to realize that this guy is having more fun then anyone out there. He has the sweetest batting stroke in history. He is and always will be my favorite Rex Sox of all time.

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