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Subject:  Soriano refuses to play the outfield; looks forward to an AL return
Date:  12/20/05, 7:54pm
"I don't want to change," Soriano said Monday night at a dinner held for major league players by Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez. "If I haven't done it before, I won't do it now."

Soriano said he had a greater comfort level in the AL, and he plans to become a free agent after next season and sign with an AL team.

"I knew the pitchers and batters of opposing teams and, therefore, where to place myself defensively. In the National that's going to take me a while," he said.

Wow. Nice signing by the Nationals. They don't ask if he'll switch positions first... and then, they end up with a guy who is already trying to figure out how to get off the team before he takes the infield for the first time.

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