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Subject:  Lawsuit begins in the City of Anaheim vs. the Angels and Arte Moreno
Date:  1/12/06, 10:39am
The dispute focuses on a contract between Disney and the City of Anaheim when money was funded by the city (TWENTY MILLION) for renovations for the new stadium.

It is no secret that lawyers are notorious for taking advantage of ambiguities... and the requirement of the contract that occurred between the parties stated that the name of Anaheim had to be represented in the team name.

SO, Arte (and his lawyers, I'm sure), have the bright idea to call them the Los Angeles Dodgers of Anaheim.

Forget being an Angel fan. Let's say you hate baseball, and Moreno pulled this. TWENTY MILLION of yours and your neighbors' tax dollars went to a team that now wants to be identified with a completely different city.

Unfortunately, the Angels will likely lose the battle. Ambiguities in a contract are strictly construed against the author of the contract, and I am willing to bet that this was drawn up by city lawyers.

My opinion on the issue should be obvious. I programmed this thing. I programmed PlayerTrack. AND, the Angels are still the Anaheim Angels here and there.

If the city would have any lawsuit that would be successful on this issue, it would be for legal malpractice against the law firm representing the city.

An Anaheim resident can only hope that the city hired outside of the city attorney's offices, or this would mean nothing more than MORE money out of tax payers pockets.

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