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  May 29, 2008

Re: Texas waives Broussard; Blalock will take over at first
(By: Rob Reed)

>Blalock gets multi-position eligibility... but Broussard, who
>was picked by me as a sleeper in the beginning of the season,
>was apparently so "sleepy" that he never woke up.

>Lots of potential there gone bad.

And, I guess I say the same about Blalock now. How can I stay high on a guy who now has carpal tunnel and needs cortisone shots?

I'm hoping to salvage a good half season from him, so I still have him shelved away in most of my leagues... but my mouse free-agent-catching trigger finger is getting mighty itchy.

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Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 5/29/08, 9:17am

  May 06, 2008

According to his wife, Arod passed out during birth of his daughter
(By: Rob Reed)

From the article:

"The one nurse had a cold cloth on his head. The other nurse had the blood pressure on his arm. And my mother was like rubbing his back. And he is passed out on a couch. And I am there, in the middle of labor," Cynthia Rodriguez, wife of the New York Yankees star, said on an episode of the YES Network's "YESterdays" that is scheduled to be broadcast Wednesday night.

"And really, I am not being paid much attention to besides the doctor and a couple of nurses," she said. "And he is there moaning. In between pushing, I am going, 'Honey, are you OK?' and 'Are you breathing? Are you OK?'"

Oh, boy. Boston fans who think Arod...


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Last comment by: drrubb @ 5/9/08, 2:08am

  April 21, 2008

Re: Another 1st round pick making a trip to the DL (hello to Mrs. Crosby!)
(By: Rob Reed)

>Whats not to love about Crosby? He performs and you get top
>shelf production out of a waiver wire pickup. He doesn't and
>you drop him. What I find funny about him though is that you
>advise avoiding Crosby and used a draft pick on Baldelli in
>your money league.

Hi Aavenoso:

I did not know that we had Crosby's mother as a user on baseballgeeks, so please accept my apologies for offending you. He is a handsome, young man, and I am sure that he makes you proud.

This being said: Baldelli was not diagnosed with a mitochondiral disorder at the time that I drafted him... and his upside was umpteens better than your son.

I'm afraid that the last three years of baseball...


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Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 4/21/08, 9:54pm

  May 24, 2007

Octavio Dotel
(By: Reedster)

First, the Royals claim that Dotel will be the closer immediately as he comes back... so, there is a closing opportunity on his first night back, and the Royals again go for Soria.


Then, the next night, they pitch Dotel in late innings with nothing on the line, and he ks 1 and allows 2 ER in one IP.

Crap, again!

Top this with Duchscherer going on the DL for a week, and I am severely hurting in the saves department in my money league!

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  May 16, 2007

The Report for 5/15/07
(By: Reedster)

Well, we are approximately a quarter through the season, and using, I will be providing our faithful listeners/readers with some "under the radar" and "sell high-buy low" picks in hitting and pitching each time I do a PlayerTrack update.

Under the Radar

Torii Hunter: sure, he is no sleeper, but would you be surprised to learn that he currently ranks #2 of ALL players in 5x5, just behind Arod as of 5/15?

Edgar Renteria: continues his excellent fantasy play with a 2 HR game yesterday

B.J. Upton: drops 4 spots from the end of April, but he still looks fantastic, and his value may not be appreciated yet

Adam Dunn: 6 SBs? And a .271 average?

Eric Byrnes: A Gregg Keer favorite, and he is...


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Last comment by: Guest52217 (IP: @ 5/17/07, 5:31pm

  March 26, 2007   FANTASY  

My money league fantasy draft
(By: Reedster)

I'm going to post my results... everything is separated by "^"'s... the last number is what I paid.

Categories are 5x5, except we have K/9 instead of SO and we have OBP instead of R.

C^Jorge Posada^Rob's Mob^14
C^Ivan Rodriguez^Rob's Mob^4
1B^Albert Pujols^Rob's Mob^52
3B^Ty Wigginton^Rob's Mob^1
1/3^Carlos Delgado^Rob's Mob^15
2B^Julio Lugo^Rob's Mob^4
SS^Jose Reyes^Rob's Mob^23
2/S^Edgar Renteria^Rob's Mob^1
OF^Matt Holliday^Rob's Mob^19
OF^Barry Bonds^Rob's Mob^17
OF^Reed Johnson^Rob's Mob^1
OF^Carlos Beltran^Rob's Mob^37
OF^Alex Rios^Rob's Mob^10
DH^Luke Scott^Rob's Mob^1
P^C.C. Sabathia^Rob's Mob^13
P^John Smoltz^Rob's Mob^15
P^Andy Petitte^Rob's Mob^5
P^Randy Johnson^Rob's Mob^3
P^Huston Street^Rob's Mob^12
P^Aaron Harang^Rob's Mob^11
P^Joel Zumaya^Rob's Mob^1
P^Tom Gordon^Rob's Mob^1

Ok, I glaringly overpaid for some guys. Posada is the most obvious. Bonds, too.

I have to put my money where my mouth is, though, with PlayerTrack, and Posada (according to PlayerTrack) was the third best catcher last season in standard...


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Last comment by: drrubb @ 3/27/07, 11:20pm

  March 17, 2007   FANTASY  

Re: BGeeks Volume 2, #2: The Return of the Gregg-I... we look at the outfield position and explain how you can qualify for this year's 'Beat the Geeks' league
(By: Reedster)

Hi Lou:

Thanks for your post.

The math is very simple. PlayerTrack ranks every player who took an AB in the majors last year in each category, and prorates the players with lesser ABs as if they played a full season.

Like in roto scoring, the player gets the number of points in that category where he places.

The fact is very simple: Carl Crawford is OVERRRATED because of the team he plays on. Give me a name of someone who is ahead of him in PlayerTrack from last year, and I will tell you why that person is ahead.

This podcast ranking did not include the players who had fewer than 450 ABs+walks, so there aren't any of those players affecting the "mix,"...


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Last comment by: Reedster @ 3/22/07, 7:36am

  September 28, 2006

Re: James Loney ties all-time single game RBI mark for Dodgers
(By: Reedster)

Should be noted that this hasn't happened for the Dodgers since Gil Hodges did it in Vin Scully's "rookie" year as Dodger play by play guy.

The year: 1950.

It has been an interesting year for the Dodgers.

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Last comment by: Jaydawg @ 9/28/06, 9:45pm

  September 19, 2006

Sheffield comes off the DL
(By: Reedster)

I am sitting in third place in my money league... the last spot eligible for the money. I am only 1 RBI away from the guy ahead of me...

So, I have just brought up Sheffield. Unfortunately, league rules prevent me from putting him at 1B until he plays 5 games there... I am hoping he starts at 1B tomorrow.

How about a pinch hit grand slam tonight?

I have replaced Kearns with Sheffield. Kearns has recently gotten hot, so this could come back to bite me in the ass... but it was him, Ordonez, Drew (OBP is one of our cats), Juan Rivera (I was thinking about dropping him), or Matt Holliday.

Rotoworld reports that Sheffield hit 3 HRs in his...


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  August 12, 2006   FANTASY  

Final push...
(By: Reedster)

I am going for the final push in my money league, 9.5 points out of the money. I picked up John Maine and Shin Soo Choo, putting my money where our podcast mouth is.

These guys look very good, and I am surprised they are still sitting on the waiver wire. I need help in ERA, WHIP, K, BA, and OBP... I think with help in these cats, I can get those 9.5 points.

Crossing fingers.

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