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To:  All
Subject:  My money league fantasy draft
Date:  3/26/07, 4:11pm
I'm going to post my results... everything is separated by "^"'s... the last number is what I paid.

Categories are 5x5, except we have K/9 instead of SO and we have OBP instead of R.

C^Jorge Posada^Rob's Mob^14
C^Ivan Rodriguez^Rob's Mob^4
1B^Albert Pujols^Rob's Mob^52
3B^Ty Wigginton^Rob's Mob^1
1/3^Carlos Delgado^Rob's Mob^15
2B^Julio Lugo^Rob's Mob^4
SS^Jose Reyes^Rob's Mob^23
2/S^Edgar Renteria^Rob's Mob^1
OF^Matt Holliday^Rob's Mob^19
OF^Barry Bonds^Rob's Mob^17
OF^Reed Johnson^Rob's Mob^1
OF^Carlos Beltran^Rob's Mob^37
OF^Alex Rios^Rob's Mob^10
DH^Luke Scott^Rob's Mob^1
P^C.C. Sabathia^Rob's Mob^13
P^John Smoltz^Rob's Mob^15
P^Andy Petitte^Rob's Mob^5
P^Randy Johnson^Rob's Mob^3
P^Huston Street^Rob's Mob^12
P^Aaron Harang^Rob's Mob^11
P^Joel Zumaya^Rob's Mob^1
P^Tom Gordon^Rob's Mob^1

Ok, I glaringly overpaid for some guys. Posada is the most obvious. Bonds, too.

I have to put my money where my mouth is, though, with PlayerTrack, and Posada (according to PlayerTrack) was the third best catcher last season in standard 5x5, with OBP. Bonds ranked #20 at the outfield position in standard 5x5.

So, tell me where you think I did wrong... or what my glaring weaknesses are. Then, I'll post my 11 man farm squad and you can tell me if I did anything to "dress the wounds."

At this point of the draft (after active roster selection), I wasn't that excited about my team. I felt better after the farm team draft, which I will post shortly.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: My money league fantasy draft
Date:  3/27/07, 5:57pm
No, this is a good team. Is this a keeper? How did you get Reyes and Holliday so cheap (not to mention nice deals on Renteria and Gordon?) Wiggington and Scott are not my favorites (but hey, they're only $1!) I think you overrate Petitte on the podcast since he's going back to the AL East, but hard to argue with the price. Seems like you have a lot of guys with good balance, though maybe not quite as many homers as you would have hoped. I'd be pretty happy with this team.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: My money league fantasy draft
Date:  3/27/07, 11:20pm
Holliday, Beltran, Bonds, Rios, Delgado, & Pujols? Sounds like good power to me. I think you'll do just fine in the home run department. It is a pretty darn solid team Rob.

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