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Subject:  Latest MLB drug policy includes tough penalties for amphetamine usage
Date:  2/11/06, 11:15am
Gregg and I have already hashed this discussion out, and we didn't know about this new policy.

This could be a very interesting season with a LOT of suspensions, as a result, based on Will Carroll's article (linked by Jaydawg yesterday).

It might be that over 75% of Major Leaguers use amphetamines.

Expect to see a lot of Premium coffee makers in clubhouses this year.

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To:  Reedster
Subject:  Re: Latest MLB drug policy includes tough penalties for amphetamine usage
Date:  2/11/06, 2:52pm
This is a interesting topic. I say this because because I even use them from time to time. Fortunately, I don't play major league baseball. It will be interesting to see how baseball deals with the ephedra issue. I use ephedra from time to time. I will admit, it gives you a little kick in the ass, but not overwhelmingly if it is taken properly & conservitively. If ephedra is still sold in drug stores & such, how can baseball ban it. I think any performance enhancing drug that is sold in drug stores(pharmacies) should not be banned or considered illegal. Ephedra did kill one past major league pitcher a few years back. I believe he played for the Baltimore Orioles. But he was very stupid. Reports say that he took 3 or 4 epedra tablets at one time, which drastically accelerated his blood pressure & heartrate. The result was a heart attack. He was only 21 I believe. I don't remember the guy's name. I take a product called Stackers. It is a fat burning metabolizer. It does have ephedra in it, but I only take one pill about every other day. My job is very physical. I am a massage therapist. I average seeing about 7 to 10 clients a day, 4 or 5 days a week. They are all one hour massages & a lot of it is very tough work sometimes. The stackers(only one) has often got me through very tough days as it were almost nothing. It does seem to help my job performance in more ways than one. It increases your physical stamina, & also seems to help my mental clarity on the job. I don't know if it is pyscological or what, but it does give you a slight feeling of increased performance & well being. I also use the product when I exercise or workout on occassion, but not everytime. I can tell that it gives you a physical boost. It doesn't make you stronger, it just seems to give you a little more energy or stamina. I'm not condoning this product for anybody. I will say that if it is taken conservitively & only in extreme moderation, it seems to give you that something, that slight edge, whatever that might be. I only take one stacker every other day at the very most. I strongly suggest that if anyone ever considers taken the product, do not follow the directions on the bottle the stackers come in. I believe their directions or recommended dosages are too strong, especially for the average person. One a day is by far & away enough. Don't ever take it after 2 or 3 in the afternoon either. You may not sleep as much at night as you normally would. I don't get down on myself for taking this product. I do it very conservitively. In many ways, it has helped me. I do not feel addicted to the product either. I am not really endorsing the product, or ephedra, but I can say taht it does help some people in some ways. However, it may also hurt people who hap hazzardly take the product, especially without talking to a doctor.

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