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Subject:  Randy Johnson is looking good so far in the Spring
Date:  3/03/06, 5:02pm
Torre feels that the 42 year-old's rocky start in '05 occurred because the hurler's spring routine was interrupted by a left calf injury. "He felt he left [camp] without enough work," says the Yankees skipper. "When someone as established as him has a routine, it sort of bothers you when you're not getting into it." Over this offseason Johnson did more throwing that usual, and he's been throwing more at Yankees Camp this spring, too. "I'm already ahead of schedule," he said last week. "The more I throw, within reason, is a good thing. I want to pitch as much as I can."

The best evidence of a reborn Johnson came earlier this week, during his second BP session, in which he threw 67 pitches. Johnson's slider was the talk of the Yankees clubhouse. "It was really great, as good as I've ever seen from him," says Jason Giambi. "He's going to have a big year, you can tell."

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