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Subject:  If You Asterisk Bonds' Homerun Record, You Might As Well Asterisk 'Em All
Date:  4/8/04, 7:00pm
This list was compiled in this month's ESPN Magazine, and it is worth noting.
Home Runs - All Time
Hank Aaron 755*Babe Ruth 714**Willie Mays 660***Barry Bonds 659****Frank Robinson 586*****Mark McGwire 583******Harmon Killebrew 573*******Reggie Jackson 563********Mike Schmidt 548*********Sammy Sosa 539***********Feasted on expansion pitching**Never played against major leaguers of color***Didn't have to face Randy Johnson****Suspected of using steroids*****Played with Ted Kluszewski..hmmm****** Suspected of using steroids******* Didn't have to face Lefty Grove******** Suspected of using limelight********* Benefitted from introduction of comfortable double-knits********** Oh, sure, that was the first time he ever used a cork bat

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